Crystal Mountain Resort

Crystal Mountain Resort

Thompsonville, Michigan

A dramatic and picturesque entry garden announces the visitor's arrival at this four-season ski and golf resort village near Lake Michigan. Collaboratively with The Johnson-Hill Land Ethics Studio, Clinton & Associates has developed dozens of landscape plans for the recreation community. Among them, Cottages at Water's Edge includes a series of waterworks, walkways, play lawns and acres of ornamental plantings which help to unify and enhance the pedestrian-oriented cottage environment. 

The Rose Garden at Kinlochen includes ample outdoor dining facilities embraced by lush rose gardens and flowering crab apple trees. Miles of roadways and dozens of developments within the 1000+ acre resort are designed to enhance the visitor's experience, provide diverse wildlife habitat, and promote and encourage healthy outdoor living.

Perennial Plant Association  |  Honor Award 2008

Photos by Mark Johnson, Stevens Ad Images, and Clinton & Associates

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